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DAFO Floor Reaction: New and Improved

The former DAFO 1 has been redesigned as the DAFO Floor Reaction brace, designed to improve crouching by blocking dorsiflexion. This much-streamlined version increases foot alignment and reduces bulk, resulting in improved functionality and patient compliance.

Solid anterior component

firmly supports a crouching patient in weight bearing. When knee and hip range of motion are available, knee extension is encouraged through floor reaction.

Bulk is reduced and shoe fit improved

by eliminating the D-ring. A layover instep strap attaches with hook tabs on either side. Another enhancement to shoe fit is the elimination of the forefoot strap.

Full-wrap inner liner

allows full alignment control of heel, midfoot, and forefoot. With this addition, the DAFO Floor Reaction brace joins our most advanced products. As on our other braces, the liner is made from soft, thin polyethylene. If foot alignment is not a primary concern, you can order the Floor Reaction brace without an inner liner.

What do these improvements mean, functionally? First, since the Floor Reaction brace fully contains the heel, it now provides heel control and alignment. Second, the Floor Reaction is easier to don. The posterior opening and the open anterior allow the patient’s foot to slide through and into the brace.

A classic floor reaction brace combined with DAFO precision wrap-around heel, mid-foot, and forefoot control: now, that really is new. For more information about the DAFO Floor Reaction, visit and go to the News topic.

DAFO Floor Reaction

The DAFO Floor Reaction is easy to don. The foot can slide through the posterior and anterior openings. The heel then moves back into the heel cup.